The Vision

Many years ago as a young USA Airforce fighter pilot, George became obsessed with flying aerial acrobatics in jet airplanes. George discovered that every maneuver that he intended to fly existed first as an image in his mind. Mentally envisioning the patterns of flight as vividly as one might see the smoke patterns that are made by stunt planes at air shows. Years later when his flying days were over, George began sculpting all those mental images of smoke trails, in his workshop. The material George chooses is dazzling polished stainless steel for his kinetic sculpture art.

How does an inspiration become a tangible work of art? I believe that the process begins with an idea. Some would call it the “inspiration.” Whichever, it is, I take it to a metal salvage yard where I select and purchase large sheets of raw stainless steel. Next, I mark out the shapes of the pieces that I will require directly on the steel. Then I will cut the pieces out using either laser or water jet technology.

Next, by hand using primitive devises of my own design, I bend and twist all of the separate pieces that will later be balanced and then joined together to become one art piece known as kinetic sculpture. Once the basic composition is in place, I begin the long process of grinding, sanding, and buffing which ultimately transforms the dull grey metal form into a brilliant, shining, completed work of art.

However, this is not the end. It is just the beginning. To fully appreciate the kinetic aspect of my work, you must set the piece in motion. Make it go! Only then can one fully experience the quiet grace, the soaring fluid lines, and the mesmerizing blend of form and motion that I purposefully infuse into all my work.

George Beckman
Kinetic Sculpture Artist