Kinetic Sculpture Art

2017 SHOW SCHEDULE – Over the past three decades, the internationally acclaimed kinetic sculpture artist George Beckman has created hundreds of truly unique kinetic sculptures. The body of work now enhances institutions, private residences and fine art collections worldwide. Themes of flight, music and freedom radiate from his mirror finished stainless steel kinetic sculpture masterworks. When viewed at rest, the intrinsic beauty of his pieces fascinate and captivate the viewer. But .. there is yet another dimension to these beautiful forms, to the beauty George blends in kinetic motion … This is where the real magic happens. Kinetic sculpture art by George Beckman will take your breadth away. Polished stainless steel kinetic art sculpture will keep you interested for hours.

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Ultimately it is the intriguing blend of quiet grace and soaring fluid lines in mesmerizing motion that captures our attention and admiration. His work simply must be seen in “kinetic mode” to be fully appreciated.

In the artists words …

“My artistic goal is to infuse into all my pieces, a synergy of form and motion that will stir the emotions, exhilarate the senses, and perhaps even touch the soul of the viewer.”

George Beckman has international fine art gallery representation in London, Paris, Manhattan, Venice, Hong Kong and Singapore. He also exhibits his work at selected fine art gallery and private shows.

Prices begin at $5,000. Please email George Beckman for more information HERE